Celebrity Big Brother: Dappy pokes Jasmine with his great big penis and admits he leaked THAT picture of it to get a Number One single

Ah, Dappy's giant williy. After seeing THAT leaked picture the star's big penis has been burned on our retinas forever but the N-Dubz singer has been bragging about his huge member again in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

By Owen Tonks Web Writer on Thursday, 7 August 2014 at 15:08

Dappy’s been strutting around the Celebrity Big Brother house like he owns the place since he walked in on Friday night – and we know exactly why.

The N-Dubz star possesses the type of, ahem, cocky self-confidence that only comes from having an absolutely huge penis.

And ladies’ man Dappy wants US actress Jasmine Waltz to know just how impressive his manhood his, so he gave her a little poke – because just talking about his massive knob wasn’t enough.

Cuddling up behind Jasmine the rapper got a handful of Jasmine’s bottom and told her, “You have a tight little ass, I like it.”

How romantic.

But he wasn’t done with his attempts at seduction, the Dapster then “rearranged” himself before poking Jasmine in the back with his willy.

“Is that hard?,” the actress asked. A pleased-with-himself Dappy replied, “I told you [it was big].”

Excuse us while we swallow down the sick in our mouth.

The baby's arm

As part of a BB task, Dappy also admitted that he leaked that infamous naked picture of himself to help boost sales of his single.

“Midweek [my single] was at number three/number four and my manager said ‘mate, we're going to have to something so by Sunday it gets to Number One’,

“And I thought Chris Brown got to Number One after his naked picture, so I took a picture of the baby's arm holding the apple. I made it out as if my girlfriend took it - released it. It went in every newspaper and magazine... and by Sunday I was Number One by miles.”

And there you have it, Dappy ain’t shy about not-so-little Dappy.