Chloe Sims

Name: Chloe Sims

DOB: 1982

Birth Place: Romford, Essex, United Kingdom

Claim to fame: Glamour model, TOWIE star, and plastic surgery addict

By Ellen Kerry Deputy Style Editor on Wednesday, 17 September 2014 at 19:56

Star Facts

  • Chloe was bullied at school until she won a modelling competition at age 15
  • She has a crush on hunky footballer manager Jose Mourinho – but who doesn’t?
  • Claims to have modelled for Playboy, but Playboy claim otherwise…
  • Chloe is a single mum to her 6 year-old daughter Madison
  • She's currently madly in love with Mark Wright's cousin Elliott

 A few pics of Chloe to whet your whistles...

Growing up in Romford, The Only Way is Essex babe Chloe Sims has become one of the show’s instant hit characters. A single mum to 6 year-old daughter Madison, Chloe is out on the prowl for a new man and there are plenty of willing applicants for the post. She’s even got father and son Mick and Kirk competing against each other for her attention.

No stranger to cosmetic ‘enhancement’, glamour model Chloe has admitted that she’s always been self-conscious about her looks after being bullied at school. Winning a modelling contest at the age of 15 helped boost her confidence and led to her current career as a successful glamour model. She claims to have modelled for Playboy, but Playboy issued a statement in April 2011 claiming that they’ve never heard of her.

In April 2011 Blue’s Simon Webbe was dumped by long-term girlfriend Layla Manoochenri after she claimed that Chloe had been baking Simon shepherds pies behind her back. No really. Oh, and she also claimed to have found Simon and Chloe together in the bedroom. Ouch. Chloe lives with Simon’s PA and the two have been friends for a couple of years now.

Nowadays Chloe is happy smooching fellow TOWIE pal Elliott Wright, cousin of Mark and Jessica Wright.