Ella Henderson

Name: Ella Henderson

Birth Place: Tetney, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Claim to fame: Singer/Songwriter

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Star Facts

  • Her dream collaboration would be with Alicia Keys
  • Ella's style icons include Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn
  • Despite taking her GCSE’s around the time of her audition, Ella still managed to achieve 7 GCSEs, with an A in music!
  • Her audition has had almost 3 million views on YouTube. Ella's favourite shop is River Island, but she also loves vintage stores.
  • She's from Tetney, near Grimsby

Ella is one of the stand-out contestants of X Factor 2012 who reduced the judges to tears by singing her own song Missed. She penned the song for her Granddad Bill who died when she was eight.

She credits her Granddad with giving her inner confidence to get up on stage to perform, and lists her musical influences as Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald.

Ella received praise from all four judges, when she auditioned, including guest judge Mel B who has been criticised for her harsh judging.

Following her audition, her soulful voice and writing ability has earned her comparisons to fellow songstress Adele.

The 16-year-old songbird is not just a beautiful voice and apretty face though. She’s been studying music at boarding school since she was 10 and writing songs since she was 13. In fact, she almost missed her Manchester audition due to a clash with her GCSEs! We bet she’s glad she didn’t.

Her single Ghost that was released in 2014 went straight to number one in the UK and stayed in the top five for eight consecutive weeks.