Jeremy Kyle

Name: Jeremy Kyle

DOB: 7 July 1965

Birth Place: Canning Town, London, United Kingdom

Claim to fame: Mouthy, self-righteous talk show host

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Star Facts

  • Jeremy suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and licks his own mobile phone to make sure it’s ‘clean’
  • He published his first book, I’m Only Being Honest, in 2009
  • Jeremy went to public school and has a degree in history and sociology from the University of Surrey
  • He has been married twice, and has four children – Harriet, Henry, Alice and Ava


Before he shot to fame as host of the sickest talk show in television history, Jeremy Kyle worked as a life assurance salesman from the mid 80’s. He began his broadcasting career in the 90’s, working as a local radio presenter in Taunton, Leicester and Kent, moving on to confessional late night shows on Capital FM and Virgin.

Jeremy made his break into TV in 2005 with The Jeremy Vile Show. Oops. We mean The Jeremy Kyle Show. The controversial daytime talk show became immensely popular and was heavily criticised for exploiting its guests and for Jeremy’s confrontational presenting style where he would frequently shout at guests and audience members. The show has been referred to as “human bear-bating”. But that hasn’t harmed the viewing figures.

Jeremy was married to his first wife from 1988 to 1990, during which time he developed a serious gambling habit and had several affairs. Sounds like he’d make a great guest on his own show. He is currently married to model Carla Germaine, whom he met while working in radio. Carla won the BRMB station’s Two Strangers and a Wedding competition, marrying her fellow competition winner. The marriage lasted three months, and she then married Jeremy in 2002. The couple have three children; Alice, Ava and Henry.

Amid rumours that The Jeremy Kyle Show may be axed, Jeremy is now taking his unique brand of televisual entertainment to the US, with a new show that is due to air in September 2011.