Kieran Hayler

Name: Kieran Hayler

DOB: Birth Place: Guilford, Surrey, United Kingdom

Claim to fame: Katie Price's third husband. Oh, and stripper on EastEnders

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Star Facts

  • Kieran's a self-confessed gym addict, which helps with keeping his body in good shape for his role in the Adonis Cabaret
  • He was in EastEnders and played a stripper at Christian Clarke’s stag do and Heather Trott’s hen do!
  • As well as Katie Price, he's also been linked to Jodie Marsh, with her claiming he was ‘obsessed’ with her


Kieran Hayler is a builder and plasterer from Guildford. But he also has a second job as a ‘male entertainer and model’ – his words, not ours - working as a stripper as part of the Adonis Cabaret. However he is best known for recently becoming glamour model Katie Price’s third husband.


Kieran’s job as a stripper has seen him land a few jobs in various television programmes such as EastEnders, where he stripped for Christian Clarke at his stag do and also at Heather Trott’s hen do. He has also appeared in Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother and Argumental.


Kieran met Katie - also known as Jordan - through mutual friends and hit it off straight away. So much so that he proposed to Katie on Christmas Day 2012 after just a couple of months of knowing her.


Katie is not the only glamour girl Kieran has supposedly been linked to. Just days after marrying Katie in the Bahamas in January, Katie’s rival glamour model, Jodie Marsh admitted that Kieran had been ‘obsessed’ with her before meeting Katie. Kieran apparently ‘pestered’ Jodie on Twitter and bombarded her with messages. And even sent her naked pictures.

Before marrying Katie, he was made to sign a ‘water-tight’ prenup, although Katie suggests that he is not in the relationship for money and they are well and truly loved up. Maybe Kieran’s relationship with Katie could last? Third time lucky, eh?

Kieran nearly blew it when Katie discovered he had been having an affair with her best friend Jane Pountney. The affair was revealed just days after she discovered she was six months pregnant with her second child.

Katie forgave him, and the couple became parents to their baby daughter, Bunny, in August 2014. Their second child together after having baby Jett Riviera in 2013.