Ollie Locke

Name: Ollie Locke

DOB: 1987

Birth Place: Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

Claim to fame: Made in Chelsea’s most flamboyant star

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Star Facts

  • Ollie doesn’t go anywhere without his eyelash curlers
  • He is writing a fantasy novel
  • Ollie’s mum is a BBC radio presenter
  • He came out as bisexual on the first series of Made in Chelsea
  • He was in Celebrity Big Brother 13

Perma-tanned ex-Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke is the son of BBC radio presenter Sarah Locke and works as a VIP host at the exclusive London celebrity hangout Whiskey Mist. A professional partier with his best pals Cheska Hull and Binky Falstead, he used to work for Leslie Ash and Lee Chapman at their swank King’s Road bar JuJu.

Ollie used to date his popstar wannabe MIC co-star Gabriella Ellis until he split with her on the show, telling her he wanted to date men. Famed for his fabulous hair, there’s a lesson to be learned here for Gabriella, in that it’s probably best not to date a man whose hair is in far superior condition to your own.

Ollie was dating Sir Phillip Green’s daughter and heir to the Topshop fortune Chloe Green for a while but the couple split and Ollie is currently single after having a few one-night stands with former flame Gabriella Ellis.

Since leaving Made In Chelsea, Ollie Locke went into Celebrity Big Brother and had a bit of a fling with ex-TOWIE star, Sam Faiers. Ollie Locke has also dabbled in a bit of presenting, teaming up with live-streamed online women's interest show The Fox Problem. In 2014 he joined Adonis Cabaret for their latest Hollywood Strip 2014 tour.

Star Quotes

Sometimes I see people looking at me and I think they want a photo, but they don’t and then I look really stupid