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heatworld is part of the heat brand portfolio, with so many touch points across five platforms – magazine, radio, online, TV and our free heat Extra app - heat is unlike any other celebrity entertainment brand. It has defined a generation and set the celebrity agenda for nearly a decade through a unique sense of humour, exclusive access to the stars and a relentless urge to innovate, surprise and delight its audience.

heatworld speaks to its audience every minute, hour, day - covering everything and everyone you need to know about in the world of showbiz and entertainment. From breaking celebrity news to the latest (and funniest) stuff in the world of TV, film and music, the best celebrity videos and interviews, and the hottest famous looks to copy and drool over. And cats. Lots of them. But mainly on a Saturday.

Through heatworld you can download the digital edition of the magazine, listen to heat Radio AND watch heat TV. Why bother going anywhere else?

heatworld stems from heat magazine, the market defining celebrity weekly from Bauer Media.

heat magazine has spawned a generation of celebrity, lifestyle and gossip fanatics and offers the best in entertainment and celebrity news every week. Famous for its unique editorial style, heatworld.com will push these boundaries even further.

We also hope to give you a glimpse into heat Towers, what makes us tick as well as invite you to join in and be part of the world according to heat!

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