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Oh dear – Jade can't spell the name of her own perfume!

Oh dear – Jade can't spell the name of her own perfume!

We understand launching a fragrance must be uber-stressful, but not being familiar with the product – namely not being able to spell said product’s name – should be something of a PR faux pas. Not, however, for Jade Goody. At the launch party for “Controversial” at London club Embassy last night, heatworld cut through the perfume cloud and got a lesson in spelling, Goody-style. When pressed to spell ‘controversial’, Jade gave us this response, “I can’t spell this. I would have no idea. I don’t know. It’s ‘con’ C-O-N and then I’m lost. Is that even right? I wouldn’t have known.” Fair enough, but we must point out this question was asked while standing beside a large promotional background emblazoned with the name of her fragrance. Bless. Spelling aside, Jade told us she’s found her spiritual side after reading self-help book The Secret (“I’ve not completely changed, and I’ve got a lot of work yet, I’m seeing a therapist, I’m doing hypnotherapy and pilates. I’m like weirdly changed!”), and isn’t back with Jack Tweed, despite rumours suggesting otherwise . “I have been spending time with Jack, not like sleeping together or going out, but he’s obviously going through a bad time at the minute ," she said (Jack's recently been in court for attacking a teenager). "I was with him for three years, so I’m supporting him.” Jade – who it must be said, looked amazing in a little black dress and skyscraper heels – also confided in us she’s hankering for smaller boobs. She told us, “I’ll get a reduction maybe. These bastards are too big and they’re heavy. I bought my dress from my friend’s shop today, and literally, I was like this...(makes pained expression zipping herself into said dress). Why can’t I get it over these things?!” Oh Jade... she'll never change, will she?

Jade will never change...Jade needs spelling lessons


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