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And the favourite to WIN Big Brother is...

And the favourite to WIN Big Brother is...

With just over a month to go until the final, we still do not have an obvious Big Brother winner. Never has a series outcome been so uncertain so late in the game, and never have the favourites swapped and switched around so frequently. The latest news from betting experts Ladbrokes is that Mikey is the new favourite to take home the 100K, with odds of 5-2. He is followed by former favourite Darnell on 3-1 and "Happy housemate" Kathreya on 4-1. Poor old Mohamed is still languishing at the bottom of the list with odds of 80-1. So, what has happened to make Mikey the most popular all of a sudden? Maybe it was his hilarious reaction to eating a whole scotch bonnet – we don't think we'll ever get the image of his flapping tongue out of our heads. Maybe it's his no-nonsense attitude? Or the fact that he managed to chuck a cup of water over Rex despite the fact that the chef was hiding? Perhaps it's because he's about the only housemate at the moment who's not sulking and moaning. Darnell is STILL going on about what happened with him and Sara last night, Dale is moaning about food supplies, Kat had got a sore knee, Rex wants Nicole on his side of the divide and Mohamed is hungry – shock! What do you lot think? Are you shocked that Mikey has gone to first place? We can't wait to watch BB later tonight. The housemates will not only be blubbing over their letters from home (we hope Stu's eyeliner is waterproof), but they will also be dancing around the house in skin-tight lycra. Seriously! Make sure you tune in to Channel 4 at 10pm tonight.

Who's fave to win BB?


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