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Who do YOU want to win the money tonight?

Who do YOU want to win the money tonight?

Now, we've all been a bit cross with Darnell today, but we think we should let you know that he and Sara have made friends again. In fact, earlier today the on/off BFFs were holding hands in the garden, and Sara even let Darnell stroke her tummy. Ahhh, peace is restored. For now, at least. But in a few hours, there's going to be anything but peace in that house when the group discover that they've not only got to nominate in front of each other, but then that one of the lucky sods they pick will be scooping £50,000. We can't wait to see who gets it. Remember how sweet Liam was when he was chosen to get a chunk of cash last year? Now, we already know that Mo is out of the running, as he's Head of House (bet the high he's had from that will rapidly fade when he hears about the money), but who WILL it be? Personally, we'd like Sara to get it after all the crap she's had to put up with lately, but what do you think? We can also inform you that the housemates have failed the Vegas task, because Mo was too quick putting his coins in the slot. Oh dear... Looks like it's chick peas and peanut butter for the final week then. There's going to be a lot of grumpy housemates tonight, but one will be VERY happy. Make sure you come back here after the live show later so we can discuss the worthy-or-not winner. We know it'll be late, but you know you won't be able to sleep until you've ranted to someone.

Who will get the 50K?


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