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Anyone else think Josie and John James should just GET IT ON already?!

John James and Josie in the Diary Room

The arrival of three new faces in the Big Brother house is all very well, but we're still more interested in the will they/won't they situation evolving between John James and Josie. They've both admitted they like each other, so we really don't understand why they don't stop using their gobs for bickering and start using them for a spot of snogging. Last night Josie admitted to John James that her friends would think she was in love with him, while JJ in turn admitted to Caoimhe that he wouldn't see the point of being in the house if Josie wasn't there. The pair had a huge fight this weekend after Josie told the Aussie he had "crab's eyes". JJ was so incensed that he threatened to quit (overreaction MUCH?!), but they've since made friends again. Do you think this pair will ever stop rowing and start kissing, or do you despir in anything ever happening?


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