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Celebrity Big Brother Final: heatworld go behind the scenes (part two)

Celebrity Big Brother Final: heatworld go behind the scenes (part two)

So, as we mentioned in our last post, we got very up close and personal with the Celebrity Big Brother finalists last night. Having survived until the final, these housemates were clearly gagging to let loose in the real world and speak their minds without care. Hurrah for that!

So we had a good old chat to the twins and Michael Masden first before grabbing Mr Third-Place Gareth Thomas and second place winner Frankie Cocozza. Of course we got our hands on the fabulous Denise Welch two, but that's in the next post...

See below for what Gareth and Frankie had to say (one of them was slurring - can you guess which one?)...

Frankie Cocozza: ‘I can't remember Denise getting topless’

It was pretty apparent that by the time we got to speak to young Frankie Cocozza that he'd already had a fair few drinks – in fact, he even admitted at point that "I’m so p****d, I'm sorry... so p****d".

When we asked about his hot tub frolics with Denise, Frankie said, "I'm not going to lie, watching the footage back I was so p****d I can't remember her actually being topless in the hot tub... So it was funny as f*** watching it back."

He continued, "The one thing I didn't want to do is change the opinion of people that jumped on the headlines, who thought, 'Oh he's a p***k' after a couple of headlines. I didn't want to change their opinion at all.” Hm, well you came second mate, so we think you may have got a few people on board (including us, actually)!

The little fella also admitted he was just in it for the coinage. "I was like, 'I'm going to go in there and I want to be out after about four days and that's me done, I've got my money”.

Er and talking about just how he coped without sex in the house, the floppy-haired one was pretty graphic. In fact, those of you who are easily squeamish should probably look away now…

“Literally I w*** like three times a day, I just love it," he laughed. "In the house, because I was surrounded by proper celebrities, I was like, 'Right, what do I do? Because this is killing me' and my bollocks started growing heavier and heavier..." Wow, we wonder what Gary Barlow would say!

Gareth Thomas: ‘I never want to see the twins again’

It's undeniable that Mr Third-Place, aka Gareth Thomas, is a lovely bloke and probably had the most integrity in the house, "I went into the house thinking 'I like everyone, they have to do something for me to dislike them'," he told us. But the former rugby legend did admit that his housemates were "the most competitive people I've ever met in my life".

He went on to say that if the twins really were playing a game in the house that he "never wants to set eyes on them again in my life". Ooh er, we're guessing that the twins won't be invited to go hang out with Gaz in Wales then...

Oh and speaking of the twins, we heard a rumour that Kirk Norcross had some very cheeky pictures of the twins on his phone and he was showing them around to everyone. Naughty, naughty Kirk!


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