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Celebrity Big Brother: Jedward’s return!

Celebrity Big Brother: Jedward’s return!

The last thing we were expecting when Andrew Stone entered the house, was for him to become the evil villain. We’re not talking Nasty Nick Bateman passing secret notes villain either, we’re talking soap-opera serial-killer villain. Don’t worry though, Andrew hasn’t started pirouetting around the house with a knife just yet, but Natalie Cassidy and some of the other (over-dramatic) housemates are actually fearing for their lives.

Natalie confessed to the other girls that she couldn’t sleep, saying “Last night I was frightened of Andrew. I was in bed, petrified he was going to do something. I felt like he could have got up and… I don’t know.” Karissa and Kristina Shannon agreed, adding “Now, he’s so weird, I’m trying to avoid him.” And why? Because he was faffing about with his bedding loudly, apparently. They should really put some dramatic duvet ruffling in the next Scream movie. Chilling.

Andrew meanwhile, was led on the sofa in the garden with only plants for company. It felt like they should have been playing All By Myself in the background (ideally sung by Andrew himself). All very harrowing, that was, until he suddenly donned some sequined Lycra and took an impromptu dance class. As you do.

Jedward’s secret mission!

Hurrah! It’s Jedward, okay! Back in the Big Brother house, okay! What better way to create a miniature Big Brother heaven than with a lot of cotton wool and Jedward in angel wings? None. We couldn’t tell who was most excited about the secret task they gave Natalie and Denise Welch. One thing's for sure - definitely NOT Frankie Cocozza.

When John and Edward set the pair the covert challenge of retrieving a lock of Frankie’s hair, we thought the road kill on his head might be glad of the attention. WRONG.  Frankie looked genuinely annoyed and spent about five minutes repeatedly saying, “I’m still getting over the fact you just chopped a chunk out of my barnet!” Still, Natalie and Denise did a cracking job, winning themselves a slap up dinner and a vat of wine each. Then promptly taking a nap.

The big debate!

There seems to be an unlikely leader emerging from the housemates this year, in the shape of Michael Madsen (We think the power is in those Pucci-esque shirts… The psychedelic patterns are quite hypnotic.) It started with a massage for Denise and a bit of a chinwag with Andrew, but now Natasha Giggs seems to actually fancy him a bit. 

So – what do you think? Is Michael a dark horse? Even more controversially, is he (dare we say it) a DILF? Discuss…


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