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Celebrity Big Brother: Michael and Denise break-up and make-up

Celebrity Big Brother: Michael and Denise break-up and make-up

Oh dear. Things are rapidly deteriorating in the house and we’re not just talking about Frankie Cocozza’s ability to hold his sexual ‘urges’ in. The Denise Welch versus Michael Madsen battle has been brewing for days and we cannot take any more! Michael has now decided, the best way to handle things is to blank her.

“Michael cannot stand Denise,” said Nicola McLean to Big Brother. “When she has a drink she starts winding him up. Sometimes he plays along, sometimes he doesn’t. He’s played along a bit, now he’s just gone on the turn with her. It’s going to kick off. I know it is.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong. It wasn’t long before Denise was crying in the diary room, saying, "I have a tendency to assume that people get me and expect them to get me and they obviously don’t. I'm worried about not being myself in front of Michael because he thinks im trying to be funny.”

But then they kind of made up. We think. Maybe. Michael put on Denise’s fur coat and paraded around, before she plonked herself down next to him and trapped him in a reluctant cuddle-prison. “Can we be pals? I miss our pal chats,” said Denise. Michael replied with a doubtful “really?” before they began a battle of insults, which ended with him calling her an “abomination”. While hugging.

Kirk and Georgia, it’s over!

We thought it was going to be the romance of the series, but the cooling off period between Kirk Norcross and Georgia Salpa is officially colder than cool, arctic in fact. Georgia nominated Kirk, saying “because I wasn’t totally all over him back, he’s decided to be an a***hole to me.” Kirk then returned the favour by nominating her, largely due to his bruised ego by the sounds of it. “I’m trying my best to get to know her, but the minute I stop talking there’s nothing back. I swear she’s laughing at me, not with me.”

We’re glad it’s not all doom and gloom, though. While people were falling out all over the place, Gareth Thomas took a moment to himself to collect his thoughts… and try on a blonde hairpiece. Is anyone else thinking Gareth and Strictly Come Dancing’s Robbie Savage could have been separated at birth?

Do you have any other Celebrity Big Brother look-a-like suggestions? Do you think Michael is bullying Denise or can you see where he’s coming from? More importantly, could it be sexual tension? Is Georgia right about Kirk feeling rejected? Who do you think will be voted out? Let us know...


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