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Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola McLean and Denise Welch – it’s war!

Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola McLean and Denise Welch – it’s war!

Wow. Just… wow. After continuous re-enactments of the same argument between Denise Welch and Michael Madsen, the last thing we expected was for pals (or so we thought) Denise and Nicola McLean to lock horns. There were more fireworks than a Made In Chelsea season finale tonight though, with Nicola blasting Denise for her behaviour.

The row broke out after Denise playfully pulled at Karissa Shannon’s undies while they had a boogie, shouting, “It’s a great bum, show it off!” Karissa wasn’t impressed though and neither was Nicola, who began ranting at Denise. “I was a page three girl for a lot of years okay, and you flash your boobs openly on telly and you’re cool with that? I’m not. … I’m not cool with showing my body.”

Denise fought back, confessing, “Nicola, I haven’t said a lot of things to you I’ve wanted to say over the last few days, right, I’ve kept it in for the sake of the house.” Nicola then goaded Denise, grinning and challenging her, “Go! Say it!” She refused though, arguing that she doesn’t believe in honesty when it upsets people, before retreating to the bedroom.

The aftermath

Somehow, amid what may be the biggest cat fight in Celebrity Big Brother history, Frankie Cocozza got the blame. As the women screamed at each other, Frankie tried to calm the situation, saying, “Just talk!” Kristina then went crazy at him, yelling, “You’re a nineteen year old boy who knows nothing! Shut up!” Meanwhile, Karissa was sat in the diary room, saying “I’m done with Frankie’s sexual harassment.” We never thought we’d say this, but poor Frankie!


On a lighter note, one thing we’re a bit confused about, is Michael’s feelings towards fancy dress. Only a few days ago, he was stomping around the house, mumbling about being asked to wear a white Morphsuit. “I have dignity and it’s not for sale to you or anyone else,” he said to Big Brother, before explaining to the boys that he didn’t want his kids to see him humiliate himself. Fair enough. Boring… but sort of fair.

Now we do understand Big Brother is edited, but Michael seemed to make a rather jolly little bee in the task tonight, before it all kicked off. Well, jolly in the sense he didn’t start moaning about his dignity or being a respected actor. So, a lesson to us all: Morphsuit = degrading, but bee suit = fine. And who says reality TV doesn’t teach you valuable life lessons, eh?

What do you think of the row? Was Karissa being a drama queen? Does Nicola have the right to judge Denise? Was Denise wrong to take her top off on our telly screens the other night? Thoughts please…


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