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Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola McLean versus the twins!

Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola McLean versus the twins!

We wondered how long it would be before one of the housemates decided to ‘leave’. What else is there to do when you’ve got a bit tipsy and not snogged Frankie Cocozza in the hot tub? Nothing, if you’re Nicola McLean. “I really would like to go home. I just don’t feel strong enough for this any more. I’m losing the plot in here.” Calm down love, just be grateful Frankie didn’t get your name tattooed on his bum cheeks. Yet.

It was left up to Natalie Cassidy to do the honourable thing and comfort Nicola, promising her, “You didn’t do anything wrong last night Nic.” The twins then chimed in, saying "we honestly don’t think you embarrassed yourself.” Hmm, that wasn’t what they were saying to Romeo last night when they snitched about seeing Nicola supposedly snog Frankie…

Nicola and Frankie win immunity!

Your housemates can comfort you all you like, but it’s a Big Brother fact that nothing keeps that desperate desire to leave at bay, like winning immunity. The Bed Race task saw the housemates divide in to pairs, crawling through syrup to find colour-coordinating teddy bears sewn into feather-filled pillows. Nicola and Frankie completed the course the quickest, meaning they are protected from the public vote on Wednesday. And didn’t Nicola just look devastated at the news she’d be staying? Ahem.

Denise Welch and Romeo came last, though and had to suffer the punishment of trying to sleep while Big Brother played a recording of Michael Madsen snoring into the task room. Still, we could probably have dealt with that to spend the night with Romeo in that cute little green sleep suit. He looked like a Poddington Pea.

Nominations loom!

So, we know Michael and Georgia Salpa are up, but who will vote for who? The twins are getting tactical and (other than getting rid of Nicola as soon as physically possible) have a plan to systematically vote off the men – but will it work? Do you think they’re right in saying the men are being rude to them because they won't flirt back? Which side are you on – Nicola’s or the twins’? Let us know…


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