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Celebrity Big Brother: Pick your winner!

Celebrity Big Brother: Pick your winner!

The end is nigh! Only 24 hours to go until we finally find out who the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2012 is. Exciting! They couldn’t let the housemates go without what Michael would call one last "degrading" task, though, called ‘Say It or Spray It’.

There were no animal costumes involved this time, just some fetching white overalls and a variety of pipes spraying the housemates with food. For once it was the twins complaining rather than Michael Madsen though, mainly because they didn’t want their pricey hair extensions covered in mushy peas amongst other smelly gunk.

Romeo and Nicola evicted

Nicola McLean was first to get the boot last night, unsurprisingly to a crowd of boos. She said it was "the hardest thing" she’d ever done and that she was glad to leave so that she could see her family. We were slightly surprised that Romeo was the second evictee. He was clearly one of the favourites in the house and his fellow celebs were full of compliments after he waved goodbye.

“We were definitely shocked that Romeo was evicted. He was cool with everyone,” said the twins. Denise Welch added that he was “One of the nicest men I’ve met in very long time,” with Gareth Thomas agreeing, “I’ve never met a guy who is as cool as Romeo.” Romeo said, “My big brother experience has been a crazy whirlwind of emotion. I’ve had an amazing time and I’ve learnt so much as well. I would have loved to have been in the final but it was the right time for me to go out."

The finishing line is in sight!

Despite their constant assertions that they are going to win and even saying earlier in the episode “We have a lot of fans”, after hearing the boos outside, the twins don’t seem quite so cocky! Not only did they keep saying “We’re gone” as the second evictee was about to be announced, but they later said to Michael that they “don’t care” any more if they win or not. Hmm, would that be because they know they aren’t going to anyway, perhaps?

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, the twins are out of the running for first place, which leaves Frankie Cocozza, Denise Welch, Gareth Thomas and Michael Madsen with a chance. So, who do you think is going to win tomorrow? Will Gareth take the crown or has Frankie changed public opinion enough to win it? Let us know who you think is going to be victorious!


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