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Celebrity Big Brother: The first nominations!

Celebrity Big Brother: The first nominations!

May we just begin with some truly landmark breaking news from tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother… Georgia Salpa (a.k.a. the most ridiculously beautiful woman ever to grace the BB house) gets spots! Yes, we spied it. In those precious moments before the celebs get busy with make-up, hair-styling and expensive clothes, there it was, just chilling out on her chin. Thank you BB, thank you.

We didn’t have much time to dwell on spot-gate though, as it was time for the first nominations (a.k.a. an excuse for a good old bitch about each other). It was perhaps the most bizarre set of nominations we’ve heard though, mainly thanks to Frankie Cocozza. After boring Kirk Norcross with the minute details of how much he fancies former Playboy models Karissa and Kristina Shannon, he nominated them! Why? “I’m not saying they’re porn stars, but they’re like porn stars. The twins make me feel uncomfortable because they’re gorgeous. Even though they wouldn’t go near me with a stick.” Er, right.

It’s triple-threat Andrew Stone up for the chop though, along with Georgia. Andrew seemed to take the news well (ahem), saying, “At the end of the day, I don’t judge anyone and they’ve judged me. But I’m fine with it.” Hmm, he doesn’t sound fine. Maybe a chat to Big Brother will clear things up? “I’m great TV but I’m very hard to understand, because I’m different. I’m not here to win the competition; I’m here to be Andrew Stone.” He still doesn’t sound fine, but he does sound like Andrew Stone… we’re confused.

One thing in tonight’s CBB instalment concerned us greatly, though. No, not Michael Madsen’s bizarre arrange of Versace cast-off blouses, but the fact no-one seems to have noticed that Gareth Thomas thinks he is on a different show. For some reason poor Gareth has packed for the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! jungle and no-one seems to be able to break it to him that he’s on Big Brother.

We can understand why he’s confused though - there’s more dead animal adorning the CBB house than we’ve seen on all the Bushtucker Trials put together. We just hope no-one tries to force-feed him some camel toe if food supplies get low…

Who would you have nominated? Who do you think will get voted out? Is Frankie being too pervy with the women? Will anyone tell Gareth to get changed? Let us know what you think…


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