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Celebrity Big Brother: The twins think they will win!

Celebrity Big Brother: The twins think they will win!

If there’s one thing we’re enjoying about Celebrity Big Brother this year, it’s the fact the makers seem to be loving the drama as much as we are. We knew the morning after the night before would be tense, but the opening scenes in tonight’s episode were a stroke of genius. Playing audio flashbacks from the fight, over footage of the puffy-eyed housemates waking up? It was more like a movie than a reality TV show. Albeit a slightly low-budget one, without any A-listers and no make-up department.

Good old Denise Welch cut through all the cinematics though, when Big Brother asked her how she was feeling – “Sh*t”. Well, that clears that one up, then. It didn’t take long for round one of the ‘let’s be pals again’ chats to kick off. Denise sat Nicola McLean down, saying, “My apologies are not for what I said, but how I said it. I was the catalyst.” It seemed to be going okay, until Nicola ran out crying that is.

We always wonder how celebs deal with important celebrity-type arguments like these and Nicola gave us the answer: angry potato peeling. She took her rage out on a bowl of unsuspecting spuds, hacking away at them in a manner that goes against every piece of health and safety advice we were ever given in home economics. The boys seemed so oblivious though, that she may as well have been throwing knives across the room.

Frankie the poet

Luckily, after another round of strained apologies, Nicola and Denise seemed to make up. The twins were still fuming, but yet again it was Frankie Cocozza who was the subject of their ranting to Big Brother. “He’s got the hugest crush on us and he obviously wants to bang us. He’s just disgusting.” They then comforted themselves by saying, “I have a feeling that we’ve a good chance of winning and that’s what we came here to do.” Umm… we don’t like to be negative, but really?

Meanwhile, Frankie was getting a fatherly talking to from Michael Madsen, who offered him advice on fame. “Just be careful. I’m telling you, please man. They’re gonna descend on you.” Er, who? The twins? Jedward? He continued, “Concentrate on your music. Put that money away and keep it for your family. I’ve been through a lot of money. In the end it doesn’t mean anything.”

At least if his music career fails, Michael believes Frankie has a real talent for “the written word.” It would appear Frankie and Romeo’s style of rap poetry in the task really touched the Reservoir Dogs actor. Ah, we can see it now – a dramatic reading of the seven girls' names tattooed on his bum. It’d probably be very post-modern. Like Tracey Emin art... Or something.

Do you think Frankie’s poetry career could take off? Do you think Nicola and Denise have really made up? How do you think the twins will play the next few days? Can they turn things around?


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