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Big Brother: Jale Karaturp received the killer nomination

Last night, one of the Big Brother housemates received the KILLER NOMINATION and that housemate Jale Karaturp! If you’re not up on the latest BB news, the killer nomination isn’t quite as sinister or life threatening as it sounds – it just means that for as long as she remains in the house, Jale will be up for eviction every ...


Big Brother housemate’s claims to fame: Pauline rapping with Kylie Minogue and Mark’s X Factor audition

Some of this year’s Big Brother contestants are almost famous enough to appear on the Celebrity version of the show. Don’t agree with us? Well, who’d even heard of Jasmine Waltz before she, er, waltzed into the CBB house? No one, that’s who. Meanwhile in this summer’s civilian series, several of the HMs have already had a brush with fame (or been ...


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