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Britain's Got Talent episode one: heatworld's top ten moments

Britain's Got Talent episode one: heatworld's top ten moments

Britain's Got Talent was back for its 6th series on Saturday night and here are our top ten moments of the show. Most of them revolve around David Walliams' banter, but that's okay, because he was easily the best thing about the programme.

1. Big Bradley and tiny Barbara from Harrow were a great double act. Their bonkers poetry-dance mashup wasn't the most hilarious point of their performance, though. It was when David asked if they were in a relationship: “I don’t know what we are really, but we’re not in any relationship because he looks like an owl, doesn’t he?”

2. It was brave for Olajide Dopemu to play the hand saxophone, but boy did he get taken down by David Walliams. After he 'played' his song, David advised him to save up to buy a real saxophone. Olajide said: "I've got a saxophone! Yes I play saxophone." but David was utterly unimpressed: "But you felt 'no, I'll just use my thumb'?"

3. Jonathan Antoine - well, he's the new SuBo, isn't he? As the hairy lad bounded on stage with mate Charlotte, Simon quipped "Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse". But he proved Simon wrong. Jonathan severely bullied at school, doesn't look much, but he's got the lungs of Pavarotti (who wasn't much of a looker, either…you get what we mean, though).

4. Only Boys Aloud were heart-melting. The Welsh boys keen on a life out of from crime and boredom, led by a plucky chorister - think Gareth Malone meets Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2: Back In the Habit - they really stopped hearts with their rousing Welsh song.

5. Alfie Allen lookalike Sam Kelly wowed the female audience members with his tender, acoustic version of Adele's Make You Feel My Love. Amanda Holden was taken aback by it: “I don’t know what it was but I’ve never felt quite so moved. Yeah, it was beautiful" and you could see the pound signs in Simon Cowell's eyes.

6. Alesha Dixon got sassy with the contestants who accused her of not being qualified to sit on the panel. The two freestyle dancers said that she didn't 'get' freestyle but of course she does, have you SEEN her in N*E*R*D's video for She Likes To Move? So when they said that she only knows ballroom dancing, she responded: “I don’t play the drums but I still know what a drum kit is”

7. It was also mega funny when the two 'freestyle' dancers, Sophie and Lauren, were suspected of being sisters, simply because they were both so tanned, any differences between them couldn't be worked out.

8. Anthony Barnet Jose decided to turn up in full Roman army gear, maybe thinking he was auditioning for the Spartacus musical - it's an easy mistake to make. And though Anthony's act - a few lines from Gladiator - didn't quite hit the mark with the judges, it was the best impersonation of a Classical soldier we saw all night!

9. When rollerskating duo Skate of Mind turned up - or perhaps rolled up -immediately  David asked: “Have you ever made love wearing the roller-skates?” Alan: “No we haven’t” David: “Well today’s the day!”

10. When David said about Alesha, Simon and Amanda: "I feel like I've found my family at last." Awwww. We think you have too, David!


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