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Joey Essex

Name: Joey Essex DOB: Birth Place: United Kingdom Claim to fame: Reality TV Star
Star Facts
  • Joey is a nightclub promoter
  • Joey has been compared to a Ken doll. Understandably.
  • He loves walnut whips!
  • But he hates spiders
  • Most likely to be heard saying: “I’m looking reem”



Joey Essex is a tangerine man with a magnificent bouffant, who can mainly be seen as part of the cast of The Only Way is Essex. Joey was introduced in the second series of the not so fly on the wall reality show as the cousin of Chloe Simms.

His hero is Mark Wright and maybe that could be why Joey has set his sights on some of Mark’s previous love interests. Joey initially had his eye on Mark’s ex Lucy Mecklenburgh (but don’t worry, he asked permission first) but was sadly turned down.

However, she later changed her mind but it was too late, Joey had moved on to Mark’s other ex Sam Faiers (this time he didn’t ask permission) and the pair were spotted having a snog in the jacuzzi at Harry Derbridge’s 17th birthday bash. After some back and forthing, the coupe are now totally together.

Joey is one suave playboy, whipping out killer chat up lines like ‘do you fancy me?’, so it’s easy to see why the ladies fall at his feet.

Joey is quite the metrosexual and always makes sure his is totally tanned and even blow dries his famous hair do.

FYI, he hates people who can’t tell the difference between a hair dryer and a blow dryer which we guess means he isn’t keen on us (does anyone know the difference?!).

He's willing to suffer for fashion, and even goes so far as to wear shoes two sizes too small because he doesn't want people to think he has feet like a clown, it’s a very strict policy of his.

His catchphrase is ‘I’m looking reem’ and for those not in the know, we think it means he reckons he is looking pretty hot.

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