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Katy Perry

Name: Katy Perry DOB: 25 October 1984 Birth Place: Santa Barbara, California, USA Claim to fame: Singer
Star Facts
  • Katy was born – Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
  • She was raised in a strong Christian household – both her parents were local ministers
  • Katy had a cat called Kitty Purry
  • She met her ex – husband Russell Brand by throwing a bottle at him at an awards ceremony
  • She is a natural blonde




Katy was not always in Perry. In fact, Katy was born a Hudson and raised by two Christian pastor parents singing in her local church and listening to Gospel music. Katy began recording music in the early 2000’s but it wasn’t until 2008 when Katy kissed a girl and liked it that the world finally recognised Katy as a pop force to be reckoned with.

Katy has since released hits such as Hot n Cold, Teenage Dreams and the 2010 sun and sangria anthem California Gurls. However, not everyone is so pleased with such song choices.

Katy’s mother reportedly told The Daily Mail that she isn’t a fan of her daughter's music, calling it "shameful and disgusting". Katy, however, has denied this and has said her ma was misquoted.

Katy is known for her kooky dress sense and described her unconventional style as "a bit of a concoction of different things". Once she was told to get rid of her peppermint, spinning bra in case it caused her an injury. Natural born risk taker is our Katy.

Amongst taking the charts by storm, Katy has appeared as a guest judge on The X Factor, has released her own fragrance called ‘Purr’. She is set to appear on Rihanna’s new show, Styled to Rock as a guest judge in 2012. Her biggest success outside of her music though is argued to be her hit film, Katy Perry: Part of Me – which was released in July 2012. In America the film was billed as the fourth highest-grossing music concert film of all time.

She has dated Gym Class Hero’s frontman Travis McCoy and even starred in the video for Cupid’s Chokehold in which she starred as herself, Travis’ girlfriend! She met Russel Brand in 2009 and thought she’d found her soul mate. The pair wed in 2010 in a Hindu ceremony in India. There were elephants and everything! Sadly, the marriage broke down and Katy filed for divorce in 2012. Since they she has been rumoured to be seeing Florence and the Machines guitarist Rob Ackroyd and Jennifer Aniston’s ex John Mayer. Not at the same time obviously.

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