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Kim Kardashian

Name: Kim Kardashian DOB: 21 October 1980 Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA, USA Claim to fame: Reality TV and sex tape star, actress, entrepreneur, socialite
Star Facts
  • Her last name in Armenian means ‘son of a stonemason’
  • Kim earned $6 million in 2010, making her the highest earning reality star in the business
  • She posed nude for Playboy in 2007
  • The New York City branch of Madame Tussauds now has a Kim Kardashian waxwork in their collection
  • Kim's middle name is Noel. As in Edmondson...



If ever we saw a woman hungry for fame, it’s Kim. Born in the shadow of the Hollywood hills, her father was a top attorney who famously worked on the O.J. Simpson case. She has two sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, one brother, Robert and two half-sisters, Kylie and Kendall; all of whom have appeared on TV with her.

Growing up around the botoxed yoga addicts of LA, Kim attended Marymount High School and worked for her dad’s music marketing company Movie Tunes. In 2007, the Kardashian family starred in their own reality TV show, the fabulously OTT Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The show was a smash, turning Kim, and her famous derriere, into a worldwide phenomenon and has so far has led toa bunch of spin-off series.

If it will buy her column inches and keep her in the press, Kim will do it. She’s launched several perfumes, made guest appearance in a billion US TV shows, written a book with her sisters, starred in a couple of (bad) movies, released a single, posed nude for Playboy, launched a clothing boutique chain called D-A-S-H, set up a jewellery line, modelled for Balenciaga shoes, oh, and leaked a sex tape.

Kim married Kris Humphries in August 2011, but sadly it wasn't to be and the couple split after just 72 days of wedded bliss. But she didn't stay on the shelf for long. She's now going out with one of the biggest celebrities on the planet - Kanye West.

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