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Luke Friend

Name: Luke Friend DOB: Birth Place: Devon, United Kingdom Claim to fame: X Factor 2013 finalist
Star Facts
  • Mentor: Louis Walsh
  • Has a huge crush on Caroline Flack – saying she is just the type of girl he’d normally go for...
  • Hasn’t washed his hair for nearly a year!
  • Says he will never let The X Factor team wash or cut his hair for the shows!


Another of Louis Walsh’ boys is Luke Friend, who, well, really needs a good wash! He hasn’t washed his hair in nearly a year and says he won’t let The X Factor style team anywhere near it. Well Luke we know you have a huge crush on Caroline Flack, but we think you better scrub those dreads if you want to get in with a chance. Apparently though, as well as being a talented musician, Luke has also got a knack for football – playing for Salts FC. Well Luke, at least you know you’ve always got a back up plan.

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