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Olivier Martinez

Name: Olivier Martinez DOB: 12 January 1966 Birth Place: Paris, France Claim to fame: The French Brad Pitt
Star Facts
  • Olivier used to be a welterweight boxer
  • He is 5’ 10”
  • Olivier loves motorbikes, despite almost dying in a motorcycle crash
  • His brother Vincent is also an actor



The kind of actor we’d have no trouble saying voulez vous coucher avec moi to, Olivier was born into a working class family in Paris. His dad was a professional Spanish boxer, and after dropping out of school early, Olivier took up boxing for a while too.


Working menial jobs, with a brief stint as a jeans salesman, Olivier decided to give acting a try. At 23 he joined the renowned French National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, where famous French stars like Isabelle Huppert and Juliette Binoche learned the acting craft too.


Olivier’s acting career began on French TV in 1990, and he then progressed into film. By 1994 he had won a prestigious French César Award as the year’s Most Promising Actor for his performance in Un, deux, trois, soleil.


Becoming a major star in his native France starring opposite, and dating, Juliette Binoche in The Horseman on the Roof, he hopped the pond to try his luck in Hollywood. His biggest success to date has been the rather saucy Unfaithful in 2002 alongside Richard Gere and Diane Lane.


While you might not have seen too many Olivier Martinez movies, you will definitely know some of his famous dates. The smouldering French star has dated Mira Sorvino, English model Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley, and famously for several years pop princess Kylie. Since 2010 he’s been dating the lucky, lucky Halle Berry.


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