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The 9 0'Clock News – Thu 27 Aug

The 9 0'Clock News – Thu 27 Aug

Kerry Katona "battered" her accountant:
Kerry Katona was taken into questioning by the police last night after allegedly assaulting her accountant. David McHugh told police that the bankrupt reality star burst into his office and started screaming at him, before attempting to trash the place and then punching him in the face. She also chucked a cup of tea over him, yelling, "You've ruined my life!" One onlooker said afterwards, "It wasn't pretty. She seemed out of control." Kerry's dire financial situation has taken a further bashing in the past week, with Iceland terminating their £250,000-a-year contract with her and MTV ditching her reality show due to falling ratings. Kerry's accountant David McHugh called the police and reported the incident as soon as she'd left his office, and four policemen later arrived at her home. Shortly after being let in by Mark Croft, the police left with Kerry in tow and drove her to the station for questioning. Dear oh dear, when will this car-crash end?

Pete gets legal advice over Alex Reid

Peter Andre met with lawyers yesterday to discuss his concerns over ex-wife Katie Price's new man Alex Reid, and the amount of time he's spending with his children, Junior and Princess. Katie and Alex have only been seeing each other for a matter of weeks, but the cage-fighter is already a regular fixture at Katie's home, and has been pictured with the children on a number of occasions. Pete is said to be worried about how Junior and Princess will react to a new man being around so soon after he left. One source explained, "As far as Pete is concerned, he [Alex] is not an ideal father figure and shouldn't be responsible for another man's children. His number one concern is the welfare of his kids." A Brazilian banker who had a fling with Katie before she started seeing Alex, has said today that the model told him she'd never cheated on Pete, and that they broke up because he didn't like her friends, and didn't want her going out and partying.

Naughty George Sampson's been evicted!
He may have only recently turned 16, but Britain's Got Talent champ George Sampson is already a hellraiser. Well...sort of, anyway. The teenager has just found out that he's being evicted from his central London flat for playing loud music, but it's not chart hits that he's fond of. George has infuriated his neighbours by playing the Les Miserables song On My Own at a deafening volume – an incident that he has been quick to blame on his sisters. "My sisters love that song and were so goddamn noisy when they came round! My neighbours were always complaining." Bless. We can't imagine ever being annoyed by cute little George Sampson, but then he is a teenager after all.

Jeff Brazier gets his own TV show
Jeff Brazier is to host a brand new TV show which will give tips to families at war. Superdaddy, to be shown on Living TV, will follow Jeff's daily routine as he cares for sons Bobby and Freddie, and he will be joined by experts as they attempt to help families who are arguing or parents who are on the verge of splitting. Jeff said last night, "I want to help others. So many problems can be resolved if we take the correct steps." Jeff goes on to say that his close friendship with late ex-girlfriend Jade Goody helped him to understand how important it is for kids to see their parents on good terms. "I may not have been so capable if I hadn't played such a consistent role in their [Bobby and Jack's] lives before [Jade's death]. I put this down to Jade and I successfully communicating and compromising with each other."

Kerry attacks accountant


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