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The 9 0'Clock News – Thu 6 May

The 9 0'Clock News – Thu 6 May

Fergie fancies Cheryl Cole, too!
It would appear the Black Eyed Peas’ isn’t the only member of that particular band to have a stonking great crush on Cheryl Cole – Fergie fancies her too! The bisexual singer has reportedly been teasing her bandmate, saying she’ll sleep with Cheryl long before he does. Don’t worry though, Cheryl knows all about it and thinks it’s hilarious. She and Fergie have become good friends while they tour together, and sources say they are often in corners having girlie chats. While we like the idea of Cheryl and getting it on, we have to admit we’d prefer it if she and Fergie had a fling. Imagine the scandal!


Simon Cowell is a massive Louie Spence fan

Simon Cowell has done the unthinkable. He’s actually called the producers of another TV show and congratulated them on the quality of their programme. It turns out Simon is a massive fan of Pineapple Dance Studios – so much so that he’s miffed the show wasn’t his idea. The crew over at Pineapple are understandably thrilled, describing Simon’s call as “a great honour”. There are also rumours that Simon may enlist the help of Pineapple star Louie Spence to take over some judging slots for him during the next series of Britain’s Got Talent. Can you imagine Louie camping it up on the panel? Amazing.


Kim Kardashian getting death threats from Justin Bieber fans?!

We’re starting to get bit concerned about these hardcore Justin Bieber fans. First they knock his poor mum over and steal his hat and now they’re posting threats to one of his showbiz pals. Kim Kardashian met Justin at a White House dinner in Washington and afterwards Tweeted that she had “Bieber fever”. He then replied, jokingly calling her “girlfriend” and that’s when the abuse started. “I'm getting death threats from your fans!” Kim told Justin. “This is unBeliebable!!!" Take a step back from the computers and breathe, girls…

JLS to cover Sound Of Music song

Sound Of Music star Julie Andrews has described as “wonderful” the news that JLS are planning to record a re-worked version of the film’s classic song The Hills Are Alive. The JLS version is called The Club Is Alive. Catchy, eh? We can see what they did there. Asked what she thought about it yesterday, Julie Andrews said, “I hope they honour it and do it well.” We hope they dress as nuns and start playing the guitar.


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