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The 9 0'Clock News – Wed 12 May

The 9 0'Clock News – Wed 12 May

Jackiey Budden caught with cannabis
Jackiey Budden was given a formal warning by the police this week after she was caught smoking a spliff outside a pub in South East London. Jade Goody’s mum swore she had stopped taking drugs after pictures of her snorting cocaine appeared in newspapers. At the time she claimed to be “disgusted” with her behaviour and said she would kick the habit to make sure she could still have an active role in the lives of her two grandchildren, Freddy and Bobby. Now she has been given a warning it means she will automatically be arrested if caught smoking cannabis again. We hope she’s learnt her lesson, but we won’t hold our breath (like Jackiey clearly has been).


Leona to support Xtina on US tour

Some exciting news for Leona Lewis now – the X Factor champ has been asked to support Christina Aguilera during her next US tour. Leona has long been a fan of Xtina’s, and being asked to support such a huge and established star only demonstrates how well respected Leona has become over in the States. We’re not sure Leona will be getting down and dirty in quite the same way as the main act, though - but you can at least guarantee pitch perfection throughout the entire show. The tour kicks off in July.

Alan Sugar has ditched “Siralan” for good

Lord Alan Sugar will be back on our screens tonight when The Junior Apprentice kicks off on BBC1 at 9pm – and there’ll be absolutely no mention of his famous name “Siralan”. The tough-talking businessman made it very clear to his teen contestants that he must now be referred to as Lord, saying gruffly, “It’s not Lord Alan, Lord Alan Sugar, but Lord Sugar. Sir Alan’s gone.” He didn’t take the junior hopefuls' ages into consideration either, adding that he’s not some “friendly teacher that they can call ‘Al’”. It’s going to take a while to get our heads round “Lord Sugar”, but a good dose of Apprentice tonight should help. We so can’t wait!


Natalie Cassidy gets engaged

Pregnant star Natalie Cassidy has revealed she’s engaged to be married. The former EastEnders actress says her boyfriend Adam Cottrell proposed while the couple were on holiday in Italy last month, and that it came as a complete surprise. “Italy is the most romantic place,” says Nat. “But I really wasn’t expecting him to propose.” They hope to get married after the birth of their baby in September this year. Congratulations both!

PS David Cameron also became Prime Minister last night. Feel free to tell us what you think about that, too!


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