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The 9 0'Clock News – Katie Price wants to stick pins in Alex Reid's balls!

Katie Price and Alex Reid funny

Katie Price wants to stick pins in Alex Reid's balls!
We always knew she was a ball-breaker, but we didn't realise Katie Price was a ball piercer, too. The reality star slash singer *snigger* has revealed she likes the idea of sticking pins into her husband Alex Reid's balls. Unlike Courtney Love, who admitted recently that she did something similar to her ex Kurt Cobain, Katie is not doing it to rouse Alex from a drug-induced coma. Nope, she thinks it will just be a bit of fun. "I want to see how far he'd let me go," she told Alan Carr on his chat show. A friend of heatworld's who was in the audience for the recording told us, "She [Katie] came across really badly. The audience got so bored of listening to her that they began talking amongst themselves." Thank God for editing then, in that case. And as for this pins-in-balls nonsense, grow a pair and tell her to bugger off, Alex!

Alan Carr calls Piers Morgan a vegetable
Alan Carr has hit back at Piers Morgan today after the Britain's Got Talent judge branding him "whiny and annoying". Piers said that Alan Carr reminded him of the Krankies and that he couldn't bear to listen to him talking. Alan has hit back with typically flippant hilarity, merely saying, "I refuse to be drawn into an argument with someone whose face resembles a butternut squash." Sorry Piers, but we can totally see the resemblance too...

Russell Brand offered his own US radio show
Ever since Russell Brand quit his Radio 2 show amidst all that ridiculous Sachsgate nonsense, the comedian has missed his time behind the mic. Well, now it looks like he could get his own show again after all - but this time it will be in the States rather than the UK. Radio company Sirius are eager to offer Russell a deal that will see him braodcast a weekly show, and he's really keen to take it on. The only problem is his hectic schedule, which is only becoming more intense as his star rises in the States. Sirius Radio's gain will be the BBC's loss.

Gordon Ramsay closes failing pub
Gordon Ramsay has been forced to close down one of his London-based gastro pubs after taking dipped to an all-time low. The Devonshire in West London opened back in 2007, but made the headlines for all the wrong reasons when it was claimed food was being prepared off the premises and later warmed up. Gordon has 12 restaurants around the globe, which he has to juggle alongside all his TV commitments. Ever hear of the saying, "Too much of a good thing", Gordon?



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