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Jodie Marsh tops fashion disaster poll

Jodie Marsh tops fashion disaster poll

Jodie Marsh, Katie Price... Lady Gaga are the headliners in a new poll of the worst female fashion disasters. Ever. Yeah, you'd probably expect them to be in there somewhere, wouldn't you? Katie Price even manages to scrape in twice!


Also in the list are a few surprises. Gwyneth Paltrow, Christina Aguilera, The Beckhams? Oh yes, hang on. Red dress, leathers, McQueen get-up... It all makes sense now - just check out the pics below!


Topping the list is glamour girl and reality TV nutter, Jodie Marsh, in her infamously blinging belt dress.


Jodie hit the headlines with this little number when she wore it to the FHM 100 Sexiest party a few years back. Interestingly, one of the dancefloors at the venue that night, The Guildhall in London, had a mirrored dancefloor. Which one did Jodie Marsh head straight to with her entourage? Yes, you guessed it. Our source confirms though that guests thankfully weren't treated to a night of Jodie's gyrating vajayjay in mirrored glimpses across the floor because a) it being too dark to actually see anything and b) the fact that her belt 'skirt' actually had a pair of sewn-in knickers keeping her bits private. Mostly.


The full top 10 Female Celebrity Fashion Disasters are:


1. Jodie Marsh - Belt outfit

2. Katie Price - Pink wedding dress

3. Lady Gaga - Meat dress

4. Bjork - Swan dress

5. Gwyneth Paltrow - Alexander McQueen dress

6. Beckhams - Matching leather outfits

7. Christina Aguilera - Red slashed dress

8. Katie Price - Pink catsuit

9. L'il Kim - Star outfit

10. Celine Dion - White suit worn backwards


The poll was conducted by, with 1,264 women taking part.

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