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Celebrity Boxing Match: Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg offered $1m to fight each other!

Celebrity Boxing Match: Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg offered $1m to fight each other!

Will Smith vs. Mark Wahlberg. It would surely be the greatest celebrity boxing match of all-time. Can you just imagine these two Hollywood heavyweights squaring up to each other? Genius.


The ultimate celebrity fight night is the brainchild of Damon Feldman, the head of the Hollywood Boxing Federation, who has offered both Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg a not-so-unsubstantial $1million each to take part in the boxing match. A purse that neither star really needs, but that would go a long way for any charity that they might want to donate it to. *hint... hint...*


The reasoning behind such a celebrity slugging-fest is simple. Both actors have had some serious boxing training from seasoned professionals, and should thereby be able to give a darned good rootin' tootin' account of themselves in the ring! Mark Wahlberg's new film 'The Fighter' opened in US cinemas last Friday and Will Smith, of course, starred as Muhammed Ali in the 2001 movie, 'Ali'.


Mark Wahlberg, in particular, should be in good shape for a dust-up. For his role as a boxing champ in 'The Fighter', he told Sports Illustrated that he flew his two trainers, gloves and speed-bag to the sets of other movies and would get up as early as 4 a.m. to work on his fighting form. While on set, he reportedly would spar with the other three fighters in the film for hours. "I spent more money paying my trainers and having them travel with me than I got paid, by a good half a million dollars," he said.


Excellent. So Marky Mark might be in. Now we just need to work on Will Smith...


Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the Hollywood Boxing Federation will ag themselves either star. The organisation usually has to content them with C-list white collar boxers like Rodney King, Tonya Harding, Vanilla Ice and Screech from Saved By The Bell.


The offer stands though, if they're interested. The fight would be three one-minute rounds. "We don't think these two are going to rip each others heads off," Feldman reportedly said. "We're just hoping to get into the ring and have a little fun duking it out."


Who would you like to see 'duking it out' in the ring heatworlders? Let us know below!


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