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Prince William to star in hair loss adverts?

Prince William to star in hair loss adverts?

What do you think a man’s greatest worry is? Penis size? Don’t you believe it. Think again… Give in? It’s hair loss, don’t’cha know? Seriously. How do we know? Because each month the sacks of ‘health advice’ mail clogging up the In-Tray of mags like FHM have our company postie moaning on about the bad back he’s getting from carrying them. So there you go – not only are the majority of the queries concerned with how to slow down their rapidly thinning hairline but also, men contacting magazines still write letters, not emails…


Ok, we’re kidding. Of course the vast majority of correspondence is by email. Our postie does still moan about his back though. And the vast majority of health-related questions really do concern the problem of baldness.


Wouldn’t it be great then, if the advert for your hairline-improving products were to feature Prince William? Heir (excuse the pun) to the throne, and a man who’s wedding to Kate Middleton in April next year will be seen be billions. Of course it would. So, no wonder that the cheeky marketing department at Rogaine are suggesting that they would be willing to offer the receding Prince William a rather large sum of money to become their brand’s ambassador – not to mention their expert help on how he might best regain his bushy locks.


A representative from Rogaine to Life & Style, "We've been watching Prince William's growing bald spot closely for years, and we believe Rogaine can help.”


"We'd love to send him our new Unscented Men's Rogaine Foam,” they continued, “William would be the perfect spokesman for Rogaine because whether you're a prince or an average Joe, hereditary hair loss affects one in four men."


As for that upcoming wedding to Kate Middleton, they reckon, "When he's on the altar and the world is looking at the back of his head, he won't have to worry about the hair that's not there."


A bit cheeky, we think, but you never know. He just might go for it.


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