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The 9 O'Clock News - Rafael Nadal poses for Armani

The 9 O'Clock News - Rafael Nadal poses for Armani

Rafael Nadal poses for Armani

The first pictures from Rafael Nadal and some woman called Megan Fox’s shoot for Armani have been released.

Rafael Nadal is the number 1 tennis player in the world, apparently. We would go and check that fact but we just can’t stop looking at this picture. The Prime Minster should declare today a public holiday so we can all just concentrate on looking at it as much as possible.

It’s such a good photo it’s made us change our opinion on acid wash jeans on men, also we have suddenly become really interested in tennis.

ZOMG! Glee cast go nude

It must be sexy Friday or something because we’ve found out that everyone’s favourite high-school musical have shot an episode where the cast are nude.

Have you noticed how the entire cast of Glee have been looking super fit recently at awards shows? It’s because they wanted to look good in the buff.

They’ve just finished filming a scene where they all get naked together. No Glee hasn’t gone all Showgirls it’s entirely innocent, sort of.

One of the characters has to perform a solo and is very nervous about it. So she imagines everyone watching as if they are naked and we get to see the results.

We are now going to spend the rest of the morning trying to work out who we would like to see in the front row. Fin of course, Puck is a given and that new blonde one too. Oh and Mike Chang. Comment below if you can help heatworld with this tricky problem.

Snooki and JWoww are going to get their own show

Jersey Shore is the car-crash television that we can’t help ourselves to watch; but sadly it looks like the magical team of misfits won’t be together for much longer. Pauly D is already working on his own show format and now sources have revealed that Snooki and JWoww are also filming a pilot.

Could this be the end of Jersey Shore? We hope not. We need our weekly fix of drunken, shaved orang-utans fighting and talking about roid-rage.

Bonus fact: We will have a VERY exciting Jersey Shore competition next week, we can’t say too much but you might want to start stocking up on fake tan now.


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