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heat interviews Justin Bieber and talks about Cheryl Cole

heat interviews Justin Bieber and talks about Cheryl Cole

It's a cold Sunday afternoon in north London. We've been told we'll have access to the biggest pop star of the moment ­but, right now, he's running an hour and a half late.

Eventually, after fighting our way through a 1,000-strong throng of excitable teenage girls, we're bundled into the upstairs room of a slightly grubby live music venue.

There he is. Justin Bieber. Right in front of us. All perfectly coiffed hair, gangly limbs and massive hi-tops.

He grabs a box of matches and begins to light them, one by one.

"I love the smell of matches," he announces.

"I love fire." A perfectly normal teenager, then.

You're the biggest pop star on the planet­ what's that like?

Um, it's cool. Like, I get to travel the world, live my dream. It's pretty amazing.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I think that question is just asked way too much. I'm not going to be able
to have a personal life if I keep being asked that question. So I'm not answering that question ever again.

Do you want a girlfriend, though?


You met Cheryl Cole recently. Did you fancy her?

I think she's cute.

Where would you take her on a date?

Well, first of all, it would be illegal cos she's, like, too old.

She's not that old. And you're 16...

My mum's 35, so she's closer to my mum's age than she is mine.

Do you get many women throwing their underwear at you?

Not that much. Sometimes

I get panties. [Turns to his manager.] You've seen that, right? [Manager: There's one really big bra. Did you ever see the really big bra?]

Yeah. I was like, 'Whoa.'

Are there any other British celebs you like?

I like Craig David.

Really? How did you hear about him?

I dunno. I just found him when I was younger, when he put his first album out.

Would you like to work with him in the future?

Yeah, maybe.

Do you get a lot of older women throwing themselves at you?

Sometimes. [Long pause.]

Can we talk about my books and my movie and stuff?

[PR steps in:  Yeah, this is supposed to be about that and the music, not about girls.]

OK. Go on, then...

The book was really cool for me. You can have my input on things...[Talks for ten minutes about his book.]

The conversation continues, with lengthy answers to our questions about the book. But all we really want to know about is Bieber¹s girlfriends. And his love of Craig David.
But he doesn¹t want to tell us. Boo. You can buy his book now, though...

First Step 2 Forever: My World by Justin Bieber is out now

This article first featured in heat magazine


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