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Matt Damon will be Chasing the Boys away

Matt Damon will be Chasing the Boys away

Matt Damon has confessed that he is not looking forward to his stepdaughter reaching her teens and is worried about the attention that she will attract from boys. Aww, that is too cute! Unfortunately he hasn’t got long to get his head around this though as his stepdaughter Alexia is already 12. Alexia is the daughter of Matt's wife, Argentine born Luciana Bozán Barroso from a previous marriage, although she is raised by Matt.

In an interview with the Radio Times he said, "Like any father, I am concerned a little about her becoming a teenager because I know just what teenage boys are thinking. "Luckily, she is a terrific kid and the best you can hope for is that you are raising someone who has a lot of self-esteem and a lot of common sense." Well, we were going to give him lots of soothing words to ease his concerns, but in fact he has just reminded us of when we were 13 and of all our time spent kissing boys when we should’ve been home studying – oops!

Matt is surrounded by girls at home, as well as having Alexia, his other children are Stella, 3 years old, Gia, 2 years old and Isabella who is just 4 months old. When asked by David Letterman whether they’d be having anymore children in the future Matt joked 'God no, with four I'm kind of hoping they pair off and leave us alone!'

We’d quite like to see Matt in his protective Dad role chasing all the boys away!


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