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Britney Spears: I wanted to be a lawyer

Britney Spears: I wanted to be a lawyer

Britney has revealed all sorts in an interview with OUT magazine (probably not as good as heat, don’t worry). Thought you knew everything about Brit? Well, did you know she used to want to be a lawyer?

‘I was in seventh grade and it was career day and I remember thinking that I wanted to be an entertainment lawyer. I always knew I would be in this business somehow. I think this path worked out way better’ she told the magazine.

As one of the greatest minds of the 21st century, it’s easy to see why the Baby One More Time singer felt naturally drawn to a career in law.

Other pearls of wisdom included the advice ‘eat ice cream, that’s the best advice’, which she said comes courtesy of Mama Spears and talking about who she may be a reincarnation of Britney said,  ‘Audrey Hepburn, because she was a trend setter’. With those pink crochet pants on her head, she certainly is setting a trend of sorts.

Bet Audrey would be chuffed about that, forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Britney’s having Breakfast at Starbucks, which leads on to what Britney decided was her idea of hell – ‘a diet’. However, she also said wouldn’t rule out plastic surgery in the future saying she'll probably get surgery, "when it's time to pull and tuck". Pull and tuck? Think we did one of those at the gym earlier.


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