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Dancing on Ice news: Jason Gardiner has gone all shy on us

Dancing on Ice news: Jason Gardiner has gone all shy on us

It’s one of those celeb fights that just seems to be going on and on forever, a bit like Chanelle and Jack Tweed’s incessant Twitter bickering but more interesting.

First Jason Gardiner insulted Denise’ dancing (on Ice), so her husband Tim Healy had a bit of an on screen fight with him, then Jason tweeted that Tim’s breath smelt of “stale piss and alcohol”.

Then Denise said she wished that Tim had punched Jason, and NOW Jason’s decided that to get away from the two of them he would take to Twitter to call the entire Dancing on Ice audience “idiots”.

Well done Jason. Telling them, “You are clueless. No idea of facts just small minds regurgitating Press jargon.” Nice.

Jason Gardiner gets stronger

Weirdly Jason has spent most of today tweeting someone called Sammy Roberts about how his experiences of being bullied have made him stronger.

This is odd behaviour for someone who has previously made a grown woman cry on television.

We tried contacting Jason’s people this morning to find out just what is going on in his mental mind but were told that he “isn’t available”.

Oh dear. Jason once told us, “I f*cking hate doing interviews” so we guess that’s why he doesn’t want to have a chat. Maybe Denise wants to take the next blow?

We’ll keep you updated, in the mean time watch this music video with Tim Healy in it.


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