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Tulisa from N-Dubz is releasing her own personal scent. Seriously.

Tulisa from N-Dubz is releasing her own personal scent. Seriously.

Our morning routine goes something like this:

- Get up.
- Pull crusty pizza slice from hair.
- Eat crusty pizza slice.
- Pull on only pair of trousers and a jumper not covered in cat hair. (We don’t own a cat, FYI)
- Go to work.

Now we’re majorly excited to be able to add another thing to our list. Just after we‘ve put on a non-hairy jumper and before we leave the house we’re going to:

- Spritz on Tulisa from N-Dubz new perfume to mask hideous stench of despair.

Tulisa announced today on Twitter that she’s releasing a perfume: (FYI, the spelling mistakes aren‘t ours, thank you very much)

“So its finally confirmed! I will b releasing my own fragrance! Its called the female boss,by tulisa, once its on you become the female boss haha.”

Does no one else think Hugo Boss might be a little perturbed by the name? We smell a lawsuit. A musty one. Oh no wait, that’s just her ‘fragrance‘.

Inevitably this will net her a billion pounds. There’s a lot of money in perfumes - just ask Katy Perry, Beyonce, Britney and Josie Gibson. They’ll tell you. Oh no, that’s right, they won’t tell you anything because they’re all off living the dream from the proceeds of their various perfumes.


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