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The Only Way Is Essex: Chloe Sim “too plastic” to be a Playboy Bunny?

The Only Way Is Essex: Chloe Sim “too plastic” to be a Playboy Bunny?

Is Chole Sims is faking more than just her looks? The 29-year-old reality TV star has claimed on The Only Way Is Essex that she’s worked for Playboy, but an official spokeswoman has spoken to The News Of The World to deny Chloe’s boasts.

“Chloe who? She has no Playboy affiliation," continued the spokeswoman, "we have no record of her ever posing for the magazine or website, including our international editions, or of her working as a Playboy Bunny. To be honest she isn’t our usual type of girl anyway. We would be very unlikely to use someone who looked like her – she’s had a lot of work done.”

Chloe’s profile on the official ITV TOWIE website even states that she has links to Playboy, says the site; “Sexy, single and on the prowl for a new man, Playboy Bunny Chloe has plenty of assets and is proving to be a big hit with the TOWIE blokes.” But the Sunday tabloid seems convinced that Chloe isn’t telling the truth, the statement from Playboy went on to say, “Playboy don’t want to be associated with her in any way and will be looking into these claims because we don’t want her damaging our reputation. Chloe is far too plastic.”

Ouch! Harsh words from the people at Playboy.

The story doesn't end there though... Chloe has since taken to Twitter to hit back at the accusations that she’s never worked for Playboy, tweeting several pictures of herself in a Playboy outfit and saying to her followers, “Wow more LIES about me!.. So annoying all this Surgery talk the only surgery I have had is 1 breast enlargement! Botox in my forehead and fillers in my lips! I'm 29 years old and if I feel like enhancing myself I will! The way people talk about me you'd think I'd had everything done! Thank you for all your kind messages today!! Its very hard to see the negative ones but I put myself in this position so I have to deal with it.”

So who do you think is telling the truth?


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