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The mystery of Hugh Grant’s secret girlfriend and the swollen belly

The mystery of Hugh Grant’s secret girlfriend and the swollen belly

Is Hugh Grant about to leave his days of being a carefree bachelor behind him?

The millionaire, 50-year-old film star has been pictured by a weekend tabloid with a new love, 31-year-old Ting. And Ting’s appears to have a rounded belly, leading to speculation that she’s carrying Hugh’s child – of course she could have just eaten a big meal, but that’s nowhere near as interesting as thinking she’s pregnant.

Whatever the situation Ting might not be the woman to make Hugh settle down, if sources close to the star are to be believed. A pal told The News Of The World, “Hugh and Ting have grown increasingly close in recent months. They see each other most days and she’s a big part of his life. But watch out, he’s still a free spirit. Ting’s a lovely girl, smart and very attractive. She and Hugh love spending time together. But as ever he’s a very difficult man to nail down. And although they’re increasingly close, Ting’s aware that he still goes out with other girls. Yes, he sees Ting all the time, but it’s normally on his terms – at his house or bars and restaurants nearby. Hugh has always been a bit of a commitment-phobe. He just loves doing his own thing.”

Ready for children?

Hugh last serious relationship was with heiress Jemima Khan, but they split in 2007. And in September last year Hugh spoke about his desire to have children, “I should settle down. I think it would be a good idea. And I wish I had them [children] already. I think it’s a part of life and I should have it. I don’t want to be 70 and alone. I want children to look after me.”

Well Hugh, now could be your chance.


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