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Bradley Cooper talks filth, we feel sick

Bradley Cooper talks filth, we feel sick

Oh Bradley Cooper, we know you have a film to promote and all that, but really? Is this completely necessary?

Bradders appeared on TV in the US yesterday and got talking about filming on location in Bangkok. Blah blah, fair enough. Then he suddenly came out with this lovely little anecdote about the time they all visited a ‘ping pong bar’ (before you ask: it had nothing to do with table tennis):

"This one girl was able to eject ping-pong balls at high velocities with amazing accuracy. (It went) right in my mouth... (There were) Handi Wipes coming out from everywhere, (co-star) Ed Helms is throwing up... It was memorable."

Yep, doing great things for the Thailand tourist board there, Brad.

We think this outburst is code for: ‘Go and see The Hangover 2, please’. Well, we hope that’s what it is anyway… Whatever it was: That.Is. Disgusting. Normally mental images of Bradley Cooper are a good thing, a treat like none other – but blimey, what did we do to deserve that? More to the point: what did he do to deserve a ping pong ball to be fired at him from there in the first place?





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