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The 9 O'Clock News - Olivier Martinez takes Halle Berry on a rubbish date


So you’re Olivier Martinez. You’re dating Halle Berry. You decide to have a romantic night out, maybe grab some food and then go and see gig. That’s very sweet right?

No, no it’s not if you take your current girlfriend to see you’re ex do a gig. Especially if she happens to be international sex symbol Kylie. No-one wants to see their boyfriend’s previous girlfriend gyrate around in her infamous hot pants. No-one Olivier.

Halle Berry looked understandably awkward at their date at the Hollywood Bowl. We think Olivier is going to have to do something pretty special to make up for this.

If we were Hallie we’d want a mini-break somewhere hot and exotic. A weekend in Centre Parcs wouldn’t cut it, even if he got one of those fancy luxury chalets.

Here are some other things Olivier could do for Halle Berry to make up for his gaff

  • Do a private performance of Spinning Around for Halle Berry while wearing hotpants
  • Buy something sparkly from Tiffany’s
  • Unfriend Kylie on Facebook
  • Send heatworld some nude pictures of himself.

Okay that last one might not make Halle feel any better but it would definitely cheer us up.

Jessie J BFF with Adele
Jessie J BFF with Adele
Jessie J BFF with Adele
Jessie J BFF with Adele

Jessie J and Adele are besties, but we had no idea that when they hang out together they go all street.

She told Contact Music: "Adele and I used to hang out together at the BRIT School and sing together. I bumped into her recently and she was like, 'Baaaabe!' We're so common when we're together, it's hilarious."

This makes us a little bit jealous. We want to hang around with Jessie J and Adele and talk like the cast of The Only Way is Essex too. Where do we sign up?

Jessie has also been talking about how important her family are to her, "I'm able to be in my pyjamas and have no make-up on in front of my family - there aren't many people I can do that with any more. My sisters are like best mates and I can phone them and cry and say I've had a bad day and they don't judge me."

So being famous means you can’t have pyjama time anymore? That’s just too high a price to pay. No wonder Simon Cowell is grumpy.

Mark Owen nervous about Take That tour
Mark Owen nervous about Take That tour
Mark Owen nervous about Take That tour
Mark Owen nervous about Take That tour

Mark Owen has been having nerves in the run up to the Take That tour. He told Music Week: "A few weeks ago I had a pre-tour panic, a bit of a meltdown, which I went through for a couple of days. Not much sleep, but I came through the other end and I've been all right since. But we're confident with it now and I think the show's going to be brilliant."

We think the shows going to be brilliant too Mark. It’s Take That, how could it be anything but brilliant?

Mark mentioned that there has been the odd spat during rehearsals because they all have such different ideas for the show. "There are certain members of us who push the theatrics more than the others and it's trying to find that happy medium where everybody's comfortable”

Erm, Mark we want as much theatrical nonsense as possible please. There isn’t a song that can’t be improved by the addition of a glitter cannon.

“We're like kids really. We're all a bit excited about life and the tour and I'm really proud of what we've achieved. I hope everyone enjoys it."


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