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Ashley Cole meets with Jay-Z. Is he planning a music career?

Ashley Cole meets with Jay-Z. Is he planning a music career?

Oh jeez, as if our poor music charts weren’t getting enough grief from Jedward and the like, now they may be subjected to musical offerings from none other than Ashley Cole. Cheryl’s love rat ex has been spotted in New York coming in and out of meetings with none other than Jay-Z and it’s thought that Ashley is planning a move into the music biz. It sounds like we are making this up, and we kind of wish we were…

It’s believed that Ash was in the Roc Nation offices for over an hour, which can only mean the unlikely pair had lots to discuss. We wonder if Ashley did a little rap to Jay-Z to show off his skills? Who knows, Ashley might be a multi-talented man, as good with his tongue as he is with his feet That sounds like an innuendo. It wasn’t meant to…Ew.

Ashley Cole seen with film crew

The Daily Mail has also reported that Ashley entered the offices accompanied by a film crew. Heaven forbid he is planning a reality TV show… ‘It’s midnight and on his way to McDonalds, Ashley has just thrown up in someone’s hand bag…’ We think we would actually rather watch Farmers.

Come on now Jay Z, this cannot be true. We reckon it’s more likely that Beyonce is an absolutely mega Chelsea FC fan and Jay just wanted to surprise his darling wife with a signed ball. FOOTball, obvs. What is it with Ashley Cole and unintended innuendo?! Gross.

Another rumour is that the two were discussing sports as Jay Z is keen to do some business. He already part owns a basketball team, and is thought to be thinking of moving into football. That sounds much more likely then Cole spitting on the mic anytime soon. It was fun imagining it though, right?



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