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Jake Gyllenhaal spotted getting all soppy with Olivia Wilde

Jake Gyllenhaal spotted getting all soppy with Olivia Wilde

Seems Taylor Swift might be a thing of the past for Jake Gyllenhaal. The super hot actor has been spied getting cosy with House actress Olivia Wilde (whose real name, for innuendo loving fact fans, is Olivia Cockburn).

According to People, the pair was spotted at Hollywood's super celeb haunt, Chateau Marmont getting, and we quote their source now: “touchy-feely” and “At one point, he had his hand on hers”.

Well, that’s that then, they are almost certainly getting married… What's that? The actresses' spokesperson has denied they are romantically linked. Oh…

To be honest until someone spots them snogging the faces of each other, we will maintain that it’s just a matter of time before we receive Jake’s call.

Olivia Wilde linked to Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper AND Ryan Reynolds

Going out with Jake or not, it would seem this Olivia Wilde is one gifted woman. As well as having Jake grabbing her hands, she also is believed to have caught the attentions of Ryan Renyolds after meeting him Tuesday night.

As if we didn’t feel sick enough, Olivia has also been linked to Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake. We actually cannot believe this, it’s just plain greedy. Apparently the couple were seen chatting each other up at the Hangover 2 premiere. A month earlier she was seen heading out on a few dates with Justin Timberlake who she worked with on a film.

Seriously, Jake, Bradley, Justin and Ryan? This lady needs to hold seminars, write books, or at least give us a call and tell us her secrets. Seriously impressive stuff.



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