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Jessica Alba talks about motherhood, states the obvious

Jessica Alba talks about motherhood, states the obvious

Jessica Alba is expecting her second baby, so it’s not surprise that the pregnant actress is being asked lots of questions about babies and motherhood while she’s out promoting her new movie Spy Kids 4. It’s just quite funny that she likes to the state the bloomin’ obvious when talking about life as a working mum.
"I really can't imagine having more than this – more than what's happening right now," Jessica told E! Entertainment while rubbing her belly. "Kids are a lot of work and, at the end of a pregnancy, it's sort of like you can't really imagine having more. But we'll see."
Kids are a lot of work you say? Really. Well, who knew?
Jessica also revealed that she inspired Spy Kids 4 director Robert Rodriguez to create a multi-tasking mum in the film.

“When I became a mother, I talked to him about getting back to work and how does he do it, how does he juggle spending time with his family [Rodriguez has five children] but also focus on his career because he's done it so well. So when I was shooting Machete, him seeing me trying to change my kid's diaper and take conference calls and I'm on the set trying to learn lines and trying to do a million things at once, kind of inspired him to write the character that I play—a woman who's trying to do a millions things at once."


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