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MTV’s Jersey Shore is 'turning Snooki into an alcoholic'

MTV’s Jersey Shore is 'turning Snooki into an alcoholic'

Most exes stop caring about our lives the minute they stop being part of it, but not Snooki’s. Emilio Massela, the self-proclaimed “guidette’s” ex, has been attacking MTV over his concerns for Snooki’s welfare. Awww!

Massela has been tweeting his worries, saying, “MTV Doesn’t Give a shit about Nicole, They only care about SNOOKI, 2 different People. Jersey Shore destroyed my relationship.”

His tweets began after MTV put a vid of the reality star drunkenly dancing with a pot plant online, where at one point she nearly falls head first into the plant. Embarrassing? We think so.

He said, “MTV’s Jersey Shore is turning Nicole into an Alcoholic. They are killin her liver. That’s not the Nicole I knew! Poor girl.”

Snooki – aka Nicole Polizzi – dated Massela for just two months, breaking up with him in April over concerns he was using her to get famous. 

The pint-sized star has been involved in a number of alcohol-related incidents since joining the show three years ago.  She was seen being escorted by a policemen following a 4th July party and was arrested last summer in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, after police saw her stumbling around on the beach – leaving her with a $500 fine and community service.

Massela tweeted a message to MTV, saying, “Please Don’t turn Nicole into another Anna Nicole Smith.”

Model and actress Anna Nicole Smith died in February 2007 after an overdose of prescription drugs in her hotel room.

We wonder if our Snooks will listen to her ex’s concerns. Right now, she’s tweeting about her hair looking hawwt. And doesn’t it just?


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