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OMG! Liam Gallagher has given up booze

OMG! Liam Gallagher has given up booze

Liam Gallagher without the booze is like Katie Price without the attention seeking – it just doesn’t quite seem right. But the 38-year-old former Oasis singer has been on the wagon for six whole months.
Liam made the no alcohol revelation during an interview on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show, saying, "If I have a drink, I'll be on the Christmas special. I haven't had a drink since New Year's Eve. I'm having a bit of a break. I went 20 years drinking and messing about. It's rubbish.
"At Knebworth I thought we were doing one night and we were doing two. I got that mashed on the first, I woke up to a knock on the door and thought I was at home. I forgot all about it. But I had to go and do it again. That was heavy."
Liam also reckons his self-imposed booze ban has improved his singing voice, but it hasn’t stopped him gobbing off about other bands and celebrities. Thank goodness, we love it when Liam goes off on one – it’s certainly more entertaining than his music with Beady Eye.
Staying sober hasn’t improved Liam’s relationship with his big brother, however, as Liam wasn’t even invited to Noel’s recent wedding. Liam shrugged off the diss by claiming he was busy, "I wouldn't have gone anyway. I was busy. If I had, I'd have had a drink and it would have gone pear-shaped. It would've been like <Dynasty>."
Are you as shocked as us to hear that the wild man of rock has finally calmed down?
Alan Carr - Chatty Man, tonight at 10pm on Channel 4


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