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Paris Hilton's new car is worth more than our flat!

Paris Hilton's new car is worth more than our flat!

Paris Hilton has never been one to hold back when it comes to splurging the cash, but this latest purchase seems a tad extravagant even for her.

The airhead – sorry, heiress (we always seem to get those two words confused) has ditched the yellow Lexus her ex-bloke Cy Waits gave her and bought herself a nice new white one instead. And the price tag? A whopping $375,000. That's over £235,000. More, in a word, than our actual flat is worth. To be fair to Paris, though, the Lexus is probably bigger than our tiny north-London cave, with nicer upholstery.

In the past, Paris has driven everything from a huge Hummer to an everything-even-the-steering-wheel-in-pink Bentley – mostly just using them to pop out to get coffee or spend even more money on clothes/bags/dogs. We're glad absurd celebrities like Paris exist, though. They make us feel mostly relieved that we don't have all that cash to blow on extravagant crap. We're not jealous of her wealth at all. Not one bit. Ahem..


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