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Peter Andre wants to date Stacey Solomon!

Peter Andre wants to date Stacey Solomon!

For all of you lovely Heat citizens with the hots for Peter Andre we have a tip for you that might just give you that certain je ne sais quoi, act like Stacey Solomon. We're not kidding.

The loveable beaut has caught the eye of Andre, and this is from the horse's mouth (Peter). If you read that interview Heat Mag did back in April, you'll know Pete is single once again and sporting one hell of a six pack, mmmm.

With ex's like Katie Price and Elen Rivas, you wouldn't expect Pete to be into a girl as sweet as Stacey. However, we’ve done some research. Pete won the Celebrity Dad Of The Year award in June this year, and guess who was named Celebrity Mum Of The Year...Stacey. Also, Stacey promotes the supermarket Iceland. You know, the one where MUMS go? Coincidence? We think not.

Pete recently spoke out about potentially dating Stacey, saying:

“I wish! But Stacey has a boyfriend. She's gorgeous and hilairious and I wish I could say something is going on but there isn't...We go out and have a massive laugh together. She's the best.” Aww.

Stacey made a name for herself on the X Factor, since then she’s done a fair bit of charity and promotional work. If that's not enough she’s also swimming a triathlon this year! Never mind you Pete, she sounds like our ideal woman too!

Unfortunately, as Peter rightly claims Stacey does in fact have herself a boyfriend, so we doubt anything is going to happen anytime soon. Although it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world *Potential cute couple alert*. Maybe Peter Andre has finally found his Mysterious Girl? We're sure Katie Price will be pleased.




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